Rick Brown replaced my gutters this Summer. He did a fantastic job! He replaced my galvanized gutter with seamless aluminum and copper gutters. He also installed gutters apron around the entire house. I am very pleased with the work. The job was far from easy. I live in an older (two and half story) home in uptown New Orleans. Rick and his team removed and replaced the existing crown molding under the gutters. They also replaced all the hidden rotten wood under the existing gutters. The house looks wonderful! When Rick originally bid the job, he estimated that it would take about three days. However, once the gutters were removed, it became obvious that the job was much more difficult than originally thought. Rick was there everyday making sure that the carpentry work was done correctly and that the gutters were perfect. He did not leave until I was satisfied.

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    From : Rick Brown

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    April 2012


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